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Wreck Loose is far from a shut-in band

"The stuff that really stuck was stuff that grabbed me instantly and never let go."


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Wreck Loose may be a new addition to the Pittsburgh music scene, but its members can scarcely be considered musically reclusive.

Piano man and lead vocalist Max Somerville has been involved in the local music scene for the past five years, playing in bands like Backstabbing Good People. Wreck Loose bassist Dave Busch also played in that band, and has a musical past with singer-songwriters Jeremy Colbert and Jenny Morgan. Drummer Derek Krystek has been involved with Sleepy V, Dazzletine and Low Man, while New York-born guitarist Nathan Zoob can attribute the start of his post-grad involvement in the Pittsburgh music scene to Mark Dignam's band.

But the garage-pop players agree that this is the most natural and enjoyable band experience they've had thus far. Built of nostalgia and a collective love of pop, the four draw inspiration from what turned them on as kids.

"I love music that challenges me," says Krystek. "But the stuff that really stuck was stuff that grabbed me instantly and never let go. And that's the kind of stuff we want to be."

Drawing inspiration from artists like James Taylor, The Who, Elton John and Steely Dan, Wreck Loose aims to emulate artists that aren't necessarily in vogue, but have touched the band's members' lives, and tries to share that inspiration as widely as possible.

The three-month-old band released its first EP, Well, at the end of July and already has five shows under its belt, with more scheduled for fall. The momentum seems promising, and with a positive attitude to back it, Wreck Loose could very well wreak some havoc on the Pittsburgh pop scene.

"As folks, we're not pretentious or particularly affected," says Zoob. "We're just kids on the street. The music is smart. The music is catchy, the music is original, the music is there. I'm so proud to be in a band that had that on offer, because I've been in bands that have some elements of that, but to be in a group that has the whole package going is wonderful."


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