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Tragedy Girls

A dark comedy about a pair of high school girls who are really really into murders



Tyler MacIntyre directs this dark horror comedy about two high school besties who are obsessed with serial killers and murder. So obsessed that they have their own blog, Tragedy Girls. So obsessed that they start killing people in their small town, if only to drive traffic to their blog. Sadie (Brianna Hildebrand) and McKayla (Alexandra Shipp) are otherwise exemplary teenage girls — they are polite to their parents, and are cheerleaders and on the prom committee. Their ability to turn on a dime between bloodthirsty and school-spirit peppy is a hoot. The film moves quickly, nimbly bouncing from joke to severed head to shouted hashtag; it also stars Josh Hutcherson and Jack Quaid, and features Craig Robinson in an extended cameo. Tragedy Girls not for everybody, but for fans of offbeat, tasteless comedies, this is a better one. It’s got girl power for days, and also functions nicely as a satiric take on our current obsession with true crime as entertainment fodder. 

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