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This Just In: January 8 - 15



Oh Shih Tzu!

Summary: A Plum Borough pup is rescued by local first responders. Reporter: Darieth Chisolm, WPXI Channel 11 Airtime: 1 minute, 27 seconds on Dec. 29 Visuals: * Little "Romeo," an adorable pup, bouncing around as though nothing happened, surrounded by rescue trucks and throngs of onlookers making a big fuss over his tiny self. Highlights: * When anchor Darieth Chisolm reports, "It's not your typical fire rescue. This is a fire-truck dash-cam recording as crews and neighbors huddled together trying to get a tiny Shih Tzu puppy after it fell down an old well." (Wasn't this on an episode of Lassie once?) * When pet owner Benny Palombo recounts, "When I woke up, my mom was in shambles, she was screamin' and hollerin' and all kinda stuff and I came outside, said the puppy fell down in the well. We scrambled to do a few things that we could here, called 911 as soon as we could." * When Chisolmn adds, "For three hours, they tried everything to get little Romeo out of this pipe." * When Palombo explains, "Eventually, we hooked up an industrial vacuum, and sized it down to about one inch, caught onto one of the dog's legs and got it out. And it was a miracle." * When Chisolm adds, "The tiny puppy was unconscious at first, but firefighters -- they didn't give up." * When a firefighter explains, "When we brought the dog out of the well, it wasn't breathing. ... We actually had to do mouth-to-snout resuscitation for about half of the journey to the vet's. About halfway there, the dog started to gnaw on my finger a little bit and then came around and started to breath a little bit on its own." * When Chisolm narrates, "Vets finished the job and after a massive group effort, Romeo made it."* When Palombo sighs in relief, "The dog never would have lived without such huge effort, you know, that everybody put in." What We Learned: All's well that ends well. Unanswered Question: Did they find him by calling, "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?" News Value: 3. I'm glad that Romeo's OK -- and that I wasn't the one doing mouth-to-snout resuscitation.

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