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There's a tap for that: Tipple Taps delivers (legal) drinking on-the-go with its Little Red Truck


  • Photo: Tipple Taps

Thirsty Pittsburghers can now get wine and champagne on-the-go thanks to Tipple Taps, the city’s first mobile taproom. 

Tipple Taps hit the streets of Pittsburgh this fall. The truck, dubbed The Little Red Truck, is a 1925 Model T pickup that owners Elaina Sendro and Ashley Latta discovered on eBay. After months of renovations, the vehicle was rigged to hold four serving-taps on each side. The women are now ready to quench Pittsburgh’s thirst, one pour at a time.

Latta and Sendro, decade-long friends, took inspiration for Tipple from European Prosecco trucks. Inspiration even trickled into the name; “tipple” is a British slang term referring to drinking alcohol. More specifically, it alludes to habitual drinking. It was a perfect fit.

For Latta and Sendro, finding The Little Red Truck felt like fate. More than 60 years ago, the truck was discovered in a Midwestern barn. Before it landed in the hands of Tipple, the truck spent ten years in a Texas museum, generations with an Illinois-based family, and after its restoration in 2012, traveled through parades and exhibitions in Connecticut. In the spring of 2018, the Tipple team stumbled across the truck on eBay and immediately fell in love.

Early in October, Tipple Taps took to the road for the first time, testing the taps at Jimmy Wan’s Dumpling Master Eating Contest in Cranberry. In November, the truck was a highlight of Millvale’s Yuletide & Holiday Drink Tour with Santa’s Sangria.

The Little Red Truck is currently available for booking for special occasions, festivals, weddings, and anything else that comes its way. The taps are not limited to champagne and wine. Latta and Sendro are happy to take requests, including beer, liquor, cold brew coffee, or a client-produced product. For any event, the two will help source for the taps using their network of beverage industry professionals.

Most of the truck's components are authentic, 1920s-era parts, so you can marvel over an original, working car from the Jazz Age while throwing down spirits. Tipple Taps is a historical attraction and bar wrapped up in one vehicle, thrilling both drinkers and car lovers alike. 

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