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The Wedding Plan

An Israeli dramedy about a wedding that goes awry



Jerusalem bride-to-be Michal (Noa Kooler) is all set to get married. She and the groom are sampling options for the wedding feast, when he tells her he’s changed his mind. Michal is stunned — and disappointed: After all, she’s already well into her 30s, and finding suitable mates in her Orthodox Jewish community isn’t that easy. But she decides not to cancel the wedding — set for a month or so in the future — trusting that God will provide another groom.

Rama Burshtein’s dramedy takes its time getting to the wedding date. Michal fusses; goes out on some dates arranged by matchmakers; and makes a trip to a sacred religious spot in Ukraine, where she meets a very cute Israeli pop star. But Michal, who is a mix of modernity (she runs her own business, expresses her opinions) and tradition (she is devout, and wants a similar husband and family), isn’t ready to rush to the altar with just any man. The film eschews the standard sentimental or silly set-ups that mark most cinematic romantic quests; Burshtein takes Michal’s desires and her unique dilemma seriously. Such respect may make the film less “entertaining” for some viewers, but those with the patience for a quieter story about making it to the altar should find Michal relatable and worth rooting for. In Hebrew, with subtitles. Starts Fri., May 26. Manor

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