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The Ultimate Wave Tahiti

Join pro-surfer Kelly Slater as he hunts for gnarly swells

There is earth, fire and water in this new IMAX feature from Stephen Low. Tahiti was formed by a volcano, and now its people dance with fire while they wait for the waves to come. But not just any wave -- the perfect wave, which, according to local surfer Raimana Van Bastolaer, "will come when it's good and ready." The documentary follows American Kelly Slater -- once the youngest world surfing champion and now the oldest -- as he slices the waters of famed surf site Teahupo'o. With Bastolaer as his host, Slater takes on some of the world's most dangerous waves, giving audiences a bumpy front-row view of what the ride is like from the tip of his board. The film also explores the culture, history and spirituality of Tahiti, but centers on the physics and fluid chaos of what are thought to be the world's greatest waves. Rangos Omnimax, Carnegie Science Center

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