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The Happening

Another misfire from the House of Shyamalan



In this film, an invisible force causes millions of people to babble, walk backward and then kill themselves by the most bizarre means possible. Similarly, an invisible force causes M. Night Shyamalan to babble (have you seen his self-aggrandizing TV ad for this film?), write and direct a ponderous eco-thriller about angry trees, and potentially to wipe out any residual mojo he's been cruising on since The Sixth Sense. (Yes, this film is worse than Lady in the Water, because it at least purports to be an intelligent drama.) Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel and John Leguizamo flail about escaping from an unseen terror, while wind blows -- hint, hint -- through the trees. If you must go, see it for the unintended laughs, including a left-field, impassioned defense of hot dogs. (AH)


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