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The D Train

When trying to snare a Hollywood star for the high school reunion, things go comically awry



Dull family man Dan (Jack Black) is working on the committee for his high school reunion, but he's no more popular than when he was a student. Then, watching TV, he sees a former classmate, the popular Oliver Lawless (James Marsden), starring in a sunscreen commercial. If Dan could convince Oliver to come to the reunion, then he'd be the golden boy. So he tells his boss (Jeffrey Tambor) a fib about a business deal in Los Angeles, and flies west to seal the deal. The trip is a success, if one considers having the time of one's life boozing, drugging and carousing Hollywood-style with the most popular guy in your high school class to be success — and Dan sure does! Naturally, it all goes horribly wrong.

This comedy, written and directed by Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul, has a couple of laughs, but strains too hard over some pretty familiar set-ups. Much of the humor relies on Dan not seeing what a giant d-bag Oliver is, which strains credulity. Black is working a less impish version of his dialed-back Bernie role, while Marsden seems to be the guy they got when James Franco didn't sign on. Poor Kathryn Hahn, as Dan's wife, is utterly wasted in a straight-man role, as is the comic premise which winds up not in gleeful darkness or knowing cynicism, but in a make-nice lesson about caring.

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