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The Bank Job

Amiable ensemble crime caper ... with groovy clothes.



Like all bank robberies, it should have gone swimmingly. Posh London bank; inside tip; a quiet weekend; just tunnel in from next door, collect the goods and Bob's your uncle. No surprise to learn that in Roger Donaldson's crime story (loosely based on a real-life incident), things go pear-shaped for petty criminal Terry (Jason Statham) and his cheery but ragtag crew of bank robbers. Emptying the wrong safety-deposit boxes brings heat from good cops, bad cops, intelligence officials, angry wives, black militants and a porn king. More caper than thriller, The Bank Job proves entertaining thanks to its wild over-plotting (all threads do tie up), lively banter and quick pace. It's in 1971, so there's extra fun with bad hairdos (discounting Statham's contemporary shaved head) and the use of contemporary "cutting-edge" technology, including walkie-talkies and ham radio. (AH) [capsule review]


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