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The Art of Getting By

High school is for moping



A couple decades' worth of indie (and indie-ish) films means that writer-director Gavin Wiesen's wistful comedy is pretty familiar fare: A bright but disaffected art-nerd teen (Freddie Highmore) discovers that one of the popular girls (Emma Roberts) is really a kindred spirit. Their friendship (and maybe romance?) will help each navigate that last tricky bit of adolescence, full of distractions such as badly behaving parents, final exams and setting life goals. As such, there's nothing that's especially fresh about Art (and its angsty Manhattan prep-school characters certainly recall the godfather, Holden Caulfield). On the other hand, this outing is mostly amusing and it's nice to see Highmore transitioning into adult roles. If you prefer your rom-coms with really skinny dudes, throwaway references to philosophy and sweet indie pop, you'll be satisfied.

Starts Fri., June 17.


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