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Avant Gardens Farm & Mushroomery

Growing gourmet culinary mushrooms in Youngstown, Ohio
After returning from Colorado, Ohio natives Corey and Bethany Maizel started a family farm outside of Youngstown, Ohio. Over the last year and a half, the Maizels have been developing their mushroomery in order to deliver gourmet mushrooms to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago and New York.

Saigon to Pittsburgh: the queen of bánh mì

Lucy Sheets does business with insight and a smile
77-year-old Lucy Sheets smiles widely at every customer she greets. She often knows their order and inquires about their children or parents.

Keeping it Fresh with the East End Fruit Cart

Student employees bring fresh fruit at low prices to Pittsburgh communities
How can mentorship help Pittsburgh students prepare for life after high school?

Sound Bite Podcast: Pittsburgh VegFest

Two Pittsburgh women hope to broaden others' diet and lifestyle horizons
What are the most-asked questions about vegan lifestyles?

Clo-pening with Rafael Vencio

A conversation with an inaugural cohort chef at Smallman Galley
After 18 months at the restaurant incubator Smallman Galley, Rafael Vencio has gained valuable experience and perspective.

Sound Bite: Spring Ephemerals

Seeking culinary spring jewels on the forest floor
“There’s more of a push among sustainable gardeners and green-minded folks to only harvest the leaves.”

Friendship Bagel

Nourishment that goes beyond food
Friendship Bagel is a project from local Justin Lubecki. It’s one part dreamy exploration and one part tasty bagels, but this pop-up stand is about more than just food.

Revive and Thrive Through Chili

Food truck business Revival Chili serves up good eats and work opportunities for previously incarcerated citizens
Jordan Robarge is a young man with a love for chili, a previous charge for underage drinking and a desire to help his community. Robarge’s food-truck business Revival Chili employs previously incarcerated citizens to help them gain the work experience and skills to pursue their own business ideas.

You Eat With Your Eyes First

Food styling with Quelcy Kogel
Do food stylists actually use Elmer’s glue in their shoots?