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Shucking oysters with the “Million Oyster Man”

After 45 years in the business, Angelo Galioto knows a lot about oysters.
At Merchant Oyster Co., in Lawrenceville, Angelo Galioto is hard at work shucking oysters. With 45 years in the restaurant business under his belt, Angelo has learned a lot about oysters and about life.

Sound Bite Podcast 33: Gone Fishin’

Mill Creek Trout Farm implements a different kind of fish farming using spring-fed ponds
Mill Creek Trout Farm is tucked into the hillside of a valley in Utica, Pa. This fish farm is a unique gem and focuses on raising trout to organic standards in spring-fed pools. The Seltzer family runs the business and lives on the property in a cabin that was cheerily puffing wood smoke from the chimney on my visit.

Vino Italiano With the Argentine Family

Pressing grapes and securing bonds
Sound Bite heads into a cellar to begin the winemaking process with the Argentine family. Fathers, sons and family friends gather in this Squirrel Hill basement to uphold the family tradition of winemaking by pressing grapes, telling stories and, of course, taste-testing.