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Sex and the City 2

More of the same – shopping, drinks, gossip – plus a jaunt to the Middle East



New York City's fashionable four are back, guzzling cosmos and talking about boys, babies and bosses in this predictably plotted chick flick from Michael Patrick King. After two years of marriage, Carrie and Big take out more than they go out; Charlotte's got a baby who won't stop screaming, and a big-breasted, bra-less baby sitter who won't stop jumping or getting her t-shirt wet; Miranda has work drama; and Samantha has menopausal mania. A business venture takes the quartet to Abu Dhabi, where they have all the desert chic and luxury you can stomach (and can't afford), while completely ignoring all the realities of being in a Middle Eastern country and running into old flames. But what are friends for? Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Kim Cattrall reprise their roles from the longtime HBO show. Fans will appreciate revisiting Carrie's old ways and walk-in closet; Samantha's insatiable libido; a big, fat, gay wedding; and Liza Minnelli finding her inner Beyoncé.

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