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Remember Me

A rather slow melodrama reminding us to carpe diem



If I were actor Robert Pattinson, a.k.a. Edward Cullen, I'd use my time off between Twilight vampire flicks to tackle something new. Unfortunately, this melodrama from Allen Coulter casts our bed-headed boy as yet another brooding, sensitive young man who struggles to meet his family's expectations. (Except here he's perpetually scruffy instead of sparkly skinned.) He butts heads with his high-powered lawyer dad (Pierce Brosnan), and finds a soulmate in Ally (Lost's Emilie de Ravin), whose widower cop dad (Chris Cooper) won't let her leave the nest. There is not much plot -- even the dramatic moments seem to take ages to ignite -- and these thinly sketched characters perform exactly as expected. And if you've guessed that a movie set in New York City, in 2001, is going to end tragically, you'd be right. (When the first shot in the film is the World Trade Center, the astute viewer is just marking time.) So, what should be, at best, a soapy tearjerker is just a slow slog to That Day when everybody learns the true meaning of (check one): family; forgiveness; keeping journals; and the vagaries of fate. Starts Fri., March 12.

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