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Prom Night

Slices invites you to a magical night at Caliente


p>After some stops and starts in the lead-up to the release of Still Cruising, Slices decided not to have a proper record-release show. But what they are having will be plenty proper: Welcome to Slices Prom.

"Having a prom, it's an immature thing, that immature people go to, in high school," says Mike Ovens. "And we play pretty immature music, so it kind of makes sense. Plus, it's prom season."

OK, it's not a real prom, like on the Gateway Clipper or at the William Penn. And there won't be chaperones, unless you count former members of Aus Rotten. But you're expected to look dapper, and it's a good opportunity to ask out that boy you were eying up at the Tragedy show last week.

"I've heard some people saying, 'Oh, I asked so-and-so to be my date to Slices Prom,'" says Mike Kasunic. "We're totally matchmaking."

It takes place Fri., May 18, at Caliente Pizza and Bar, a recently opened Bloomfield pizza spot that is hosting occasional shows.

"We wanted to do something that would be a little more interesting than another show," says Mike Kasunic.

"Being in a band, playing show after show can get tiring," adds Ovens. "They're all sort of the same.

"This will actually be my first prom," Ovens adds. The Kasunic brothers say the same.

Then Kamerdze speaks up.

"This will be my sixth prom, actually."

Well. Regardless of experience level, Slices Prom promises to be a bit different from any dance you've been to before. And probably less expensive, unless you decide to shell out for that fancy dress and corsage.

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