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Pittsburgh Swings!

The stars are out this week ... finally

Pittsburgh has been hosting great baseball teams all season long, of course: We just haven't been giving them much competition. But with the Pirates in baseball's basement (again), Major League Baseball has a cure for what ails local fans. Our home team stinks, but at least Pittsburgh's got this year's All-Star game ... a contest where both teams consist largely of non-Pirates. That should liven things up, and we offer this issue in appreciation.

For visitors who want to sample, and natives who can't afford All-Star tickets, we've provided a guide to baseball-themed activities outside the game. And to our guests we say: Enjoy PNC Park, and the city around it. And on your way home, feel free to take some of the Pirates management with you.

All-Day Baseball

Around the Horn


Written in the Stars

Hall of Frames


Small Ball

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