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From: http://www.metspolice.com/2008/12/message-for-bill-cowher-stay-far-away.html


Message For Bill Cowher: Stay Far Away From The Meadowlands

Dear Bill Cowher,

When people hear your name they think "winner."

I see today you turned down the Browns offer.

Don't consider for even a second coming to the Meadowlands.

You can't win. The New Jersey Curse is too great. Bill Parcells couldn't defeat it and Brett Favre couldn't defeat it. Don't come here for a one and done with Brett and then three years of 6 & 10. Don't tarnish your legacy by taking on the curse of the Same Old Jets.

Wait it out for one of the glamour franchises. I could see you returning the Bears to glory some day. You don't want any part of the green.

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