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From: http://annoyingpittsburgh.blogspot.com/index.html

As if there isn't enough traffic between the neverending job on the Homestead Bridge, and the construction on the Parkway East, wait, there's more! Now you can expect monstrous delays on the Boulevard of the Allies and the Birmingham Bridge.

Can someone tell me, are there like 10 Penndots that don't really talk to each other except through The Force??? How does the average human being consider the following: Boulevard of the Allies is a way in and out of Oakland. The Birmingham Bridge is a way in and out of Oakland. The Bates Street ramp is a way in and out of Oakland. Let's close roads off to an already congested area of the city not just one way, BUT THREE. . . . Why didn't someone say, hey, lets do one thing at a time and be considerate of the folks that live there. I won't say why it wasn't thought of, but it has something to do with the conjuction of one's head and one's own asshole.

In one of the articles about this pinnacle of stupidity, Dan Cessna says, "This will be a challenging year for motorists as they travel through out the region." You think so, Dan??? You are a fuckin genius, man. Thanks for showing the rapid decline of both print press at the Post-Gazette and the average IQ at Penndot.

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