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Pittsburgh City Paper Booze Battles: fl.2 vs. Smallman Galley

White Negroni


  • CP Photos by Celine Roberts

Each week, we order the same cocktail at two different bars for a friendly head-to-head battle. Go to the bars, taste both drinks and tell us what you like about each by tagging @pghcitypaper on Twitter or Instagram and using #CPBoozeBattles. If you want to be a part of Booze Battles, send an email to food-and-beverage writer Celine Roberts, at celine@pghcitypaper.com.

Location Details Fairmont Pittsburgh
510 Market St.
Pittsburgh, PA

Drink: Ode to Alexandria

Ingredients: Singani 63, Lillet Blanc, yellow Chartreuse, orange oil

Our take: A lovely whisper of a drink, this cocktail is subtle, while still being spirit-forward. The Lillet contributes a silky texture and a lemony finish. The Singani 63 brings botanical flavors and a little bit of bite.

Location Details Smallman Galley
2016 Smallman St.
Strip District
Pittsburgh, PA

Drink: The Lady Is a Lush

Ingredients: Singani 63, Lillet Blanc, toasted-poppy-seed syrup, Fee Brothers molasses bitters

Our take: The toasty flavor and oil from the poppy seeds lends smooth texture and depth to the delicate herbal notes of the Singani. Lemon notes float over the Lillet, but don’t be fooled — this drink packs a punch.

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