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Pitch Perfect 2

You've heard this song before



Elizabeth Banks' sequel to 2012's Pitch Perfect is pretty much the exact same film. This time, the female college a capella group The Barden Bellas vie for an international title. Same actors, same awkward mix of rom-com, singing and snark. New this round: More cameos by assorted stars and newscasters, and the "a capella" numbers are a lot more like pumped-up, bass-heavy cheerleading routines. (If this is the new sound, then the German villains, Das Sound Machine, have my vote over the kinda sappy Bellas.) For a film that is generally chick-positive, and hits the rare trifecta of female director, writer and stars, it sure starts with an awkward premise: that an accidentally unveiling of a performer's vagina during a physically rigorous stage act would cause an international fury of disgust. But if you're OK with that, and you loved the first film, you should enjoy Part 2.

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