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In 2002, a guy in Michigan with no film experience decided to make a movie examining life, death, spirituality -- and what it means for a guy like him to make a movie on such topics. Director Ward Powers queries random folks and various religious figures, as well as a few spiritual heavy hitters such as Robert Thurman, Deepak Chopra and Father Thomas Keating. Why are we here? Where are we going? Is there a God? For such questions affording hours of responses, Powers often falls back on filler material, including a pointless "journey" narrative shot in murky black-and-white. You already know there won't be a definitive answer to any of the big questions. Thus your enjoyment of this amateurish film will depend on your tolerance for simply having the questions kicked around -- by both learned scholars and a guy on the street inexplicably painted silver. Starts Fri., Feb. 17. Oaks. (AH)

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