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On the Record with Jessica Numsuwankijkul of Heliotropes

"But there's also something very sinister about Cracker Barrel, something very unsettling."



A Craigslist ad looking for musicians to play some Brian Eno songs was all it took to assemble the Brooklyn-based shoegaze band Heliotropes. The band's lead singer and guitarist, Jessica Numsuwankijkul, shared some thoughts with us as the group prepares to set out on its first tour.

Is this your first time in Pittsburgh?

Yes. It's also the first stop on our tour, and it's our first tour. [Drummer Cici Harrison] lived in Pittsburgh as a child. She had a miniature horse named Jessica. 

What are your expectations when your tour stops here?

We hope to eat at Cracker Barrel on our way to Pittsburgh, and probably eat something better when we get there. Cracker Barrel is our favorite roadside restaurant, because there aren't any around NYC, so it's very novel. But there's also something very sinister about Cracker Barrel, something very unsettling. We like that tension between something that is very enjoyable, yet unsettling.

I hear the band has been watching a lot of Twin Peaks. What are your thoughts on "The Red Room" scene?

I love the part where [Dale Cooper] meets Laura Palmer in The Red Room in a dream 25 years later, and she kisses him while The Man From Another Place dances. I love the vague and unplaceable time period: It's simultaneously very '50s and very '80s. But then again, I guess the '80s were very '50s at times. Though, the makeup artist's attempt to age Kyle McLachlan wasn't very accurate, was it? He looks like an old lesbian now.

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