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Old Game celebrates its new music video with a release show

“We really wanted to make sure the public had a place to see a project of this magnitude.”



On Thu., July 30, Old Game (formerly Good Thing) will host a video-release show at The Mr. Roboto Project. The night will showcase not only Old Game’s video for its single “Hunter,” but videos from Jon Bindley and Derider as well. Brenda Leeds, vocalist and guitar player for Old Game, feels that music videos should be celebrated.

“We were not aware of the amount of time, money and effort that went into creating a music video,” Leeds says. “And knowing that other bands have also put their heart and souls into projects like this, we really wanted to make sure the public had a place to see a project of this magnitude.” 

The video was shot by Jack Culbertson, Scott Almendigner and Joe Nelis of Ramming Speed Pictures. Culbertson and Leeds — along with Old Game’s lead guitarist, Thom Hunter — became acquainted with each other while on the set of the Pittsburgh-shot film Homemakers, where Leeds and Hunter worked as actors.

“We knew we’d eventually collaborate on a project together,” Leeds says, speaking of the relationship between Old Game and Ramming Speed Pictures. “[The video] is something we were all passionate about doing.” 

Leeds has a fantastic singing voice with excellent range, lending “Hunter” an intriguing melody that climbs and falls from verse to chorus. Richie Gendek’s punchy toms and Greg Wojo’s thunderous bass lay an emotive tone — which the video seems to capture well, based on the short preview that was made available — and the spacey lead guitar floating in the background buoys the rhythm guitar; the song’s arrangement is superb. The single is available online, and Old Game plans to head into The Wilderness Recording Studio this fall, aiming to release a full album by next spring.  

For now, the band’s attention is on the song and the video. 

“Pairing an image with a song, the listener may hear something that otherwise could have been missed,” Leeds explains. “A strong visual also aids in creating a long-term memory, and this is a song we want everyone to remember.”

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