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Not your average 'what to watch while you're stoned' list


Clean vines only - SCREENSHOT OF YOUTUBE
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  • Clean vines only

It can’t be limited to just shows or movies. There is no telling what strange places the zooted mind will take you.

1. Vine compilations — It’s been said many times, but RIP Vine, forever in our hearts. Luckily, there are beautiful souls who upload Vine compilations to YouTube. Tip: look for the compilations with titles like “clean vines you can show your grandma” otherwise you risk stumbling upon sexist or racist vines.

2. Smiley Face — Movies about weed aren’t automatically good to watch stoned, but this is an exception. The 2007 comedy stars a young Anna Faris, who just wants to get to the beach but accidentally ate a plate of weed cupcakes. She dreams about lasagna, laughs at Carrot Top, and steals an original copy of the Communist Manifesto.

3. Planet Earth II — The original Planet Earth is good, but the 2016 update will truly reconfigure your brain. Watch out for the very scary snakes.

4. Dog Shows — Generally, dog shows are unsettling demonstrations of creepy breeding and arbitrary standards of dog physique. However, they are also a great way to see a lot of really, really cool dogs.

5. The Boss Baby — The plot of this movie is that a corporate baby goes undercover as a regular baby to stop puppies engineered to be so cute they overtake the baby industry. What more can I say? It was nominated for an Oscar.

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