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Norm of the North

You should avoid this poorly produced animated comedy about a polar bear



Less than two weeks into 2016, and I’m confident this truly dreadful film will stay well planted on the year’s Worst Films list. Trevor Wall’s animated family film is about a polar bear named Norm who can “speak human,” and goes to the big city to stop a corporate guy from building luxury homes in the Arctic. Along the way, Norm shamelessly borrows from earlier works (Despicable Me, Madagascar, Ice Age), while doubling down on some of the cheapest digital animation I’ve seen in a decade. (The ice in this film looks like carved Crisco.) Another cost-saving measure must have been not bothering to pay for any decent or fresh jokes; this film is so strenuously unfunny that a theater full of kids stayed silent during even reliable gags involving peeing, farting and falling down. Do your part for the polar environment by staying home.

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