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New Local Releases: CHILLER




CHILLER II is less than six minutes long, but every minute is packed with crushing riffs, blistering punk beats and gritty vocals. Traditional punk fuses with melodic hardcore to make a distinct, energetic sound. Like any good, true-blue punk release, CHILLER uses every single second of CHILLER II’s brief run time to make a declarative statement that leaves you wanting more.

“Sold the Dream” turns from a two-stepping crusher to a circle-pit inducing whirlwind in an instant, where “Endgame” drops the frantic beats per minute for a pounding melodic hardcore number. Wailing guitars and the uptempo punk beat of “Showmanship” close out the record, leaving listeners high before dropping them out into the bleak nothingness of silence.

For Fans Of: Early Ceremony, vandalism, spin kicking

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