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New Local Release: Paul Luc's Bad Seed



Paul Luc
Bad Seed

On Bad Seed, Paul Luc seeks to recreate the magic of early rock and country records by working with strangers in a Nashville studio. The result is a record that boasts a live sound rather than a hyper-produced album. This serves Luc well, giving his music a distinctive energy. The music comes across as organic and comfortable, despite being made by a group of strangers. 

Luc’s voice is crystal clear and he articulates well, so if country with a strong twang isn’t your thing, Bad Seed is a great choice.  

My personal favorite on the record is the title track. “Bad Seed” treats melancholy guitar and organ piano with care, despite being surrounded by galloping drums. “I was the minor chord in her mostly joyful song, I diminished every key,” sings Luc. “Born a bad seed.” It’s a tune that drips with longing. 

In spite of it being an album rooted in collaboration, Bad Seed’s closer, “Where All The Time Goes,” pulls the focus closer to just Luc, as he sings a nostalgic song over finger-picked guitar. It lets the story do the speaking, even as the very subtle organ hums. 

For fans of: country with crossover appeal, Adam Pascal 

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