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New Local Release: Nightly Standard's Adapt



Nightly Standard

Nightly Standard is a seven-piece fusion band that weaves together rock, jazz and soul. That can mean a lot of moving parts, but the band manages to lock into grooves and focus enough not to step on its own toes. 

Adapt, a four-song EP, is driven heavily by harmonies and rock-solid drums. The band does high energy well, as on the opener, “Hold Them Above,” and its closer, “Our Days,” a track that feels like a less theatrical version of some of the horn-heavy songs on No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom. The band also flexes its laid-back capabilities with the island-y track “Hawaii” and the reggae-tinged heartbreak tune “Fraying Rope.” 

For fans of: good harmonies, horn sections, tasteful guitar solos

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