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Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

This sequel finds the raunchy laughs and a feminist message


In a rarity for summer sequels, Nicholas Stoller’s Neighbors 2 not only eclipses its precursor, it’s the movie the original should have been. Both have a good mix of raunch, physical comedy and smart jokes, but Neighbors 2 combines all that with an outright rejection of sexism and homophobia that are, sadly, too often present in comedies. The sequel basically recycles the original plot: Adults with young children are looking to sell their house; a new sorority moves in next door and throws loud parties; and the adults try to close the sorority so they can sell their home. But the Chloë Grace Moretz-led sorority doesn’t just want to party — the members are trying to create a more female-friendly space away from the frats that are merely trying to get girls drunk and objectify them. Hilarity ensues; both Zac Efron and Seth Rogen go shirtless; gratuitous nudity is minimized; and a feminist message is delivered, but not in a cheesy after-school-special kind of way. 

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