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Mozart's Sister

A languid but sumptuous speculative bio-pic about Mozart's talented sibling



"Nannarl" Mozart was a talented musician, singer and budding composer. But in 18th-century France, she had several strikes against any hope of professional fulfillment: She was a teen-age girl, and her younger brother was the more celebrated Wolfgang Amadeus. René Féret's docudrama recounts what the film suggests is the last vibrant year of Nannerl's life. While traveling throughout Europe with her performing family, Nannerl (Marie Féret) befriends one of the sequestered daughters of Louis XV. This leads to a very unconventional relationship with the king's son when the Mozarts set up in Paris. The graceful film is rich with elegant costumes, sumptuous interiors (including Versailles) and, of course, music. The plot is rather slim, but its import is significant, as we watch the bright flames of youth and talent dampen and die (a theme echoed in the sub-plot of the young princesses). Marie Féret, who is the director's daughter, is wonderful as the plucky yet tragic heroine, the lively anticipation in her eyes slowly replaced with longing, and then resignation. In French, with subtitles. Starts Fri., Sept. 16. Regent Square


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