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Mount Washington's The Summit bar eschews traditional wings and burgers for better bar fare

"I think that's just how food is supposed to be."



Pittsburgh bars that also offer light fare tend to stick to the usual script: wings, burgers and deep-fried vegetables.

But the menu at The Summit, a Mount Washington establishment on the corner of West Sycamore and Shiloh streets, seeks to break away from the pack.

The Summit, which opened nearly two years ago, offers a local beer list and specializes in craft cocktails made with fresh ingredients. Its new menu hopes to mirror the drink menu, continuing the commitment to local, fresh and well-crafted items.

"None of us had any experience putting together a menu that wasn't your typical bar fare," says Shane Witt, one of the Summit's four co-owners. "But we all knew we didn't want typical bar fare."

So Witt and his co-owners brought in Brandon Davis to serve as executive chef. Davis previously worked at Lola Bistro, in the North Side, and with chef Kevin Sousa at Bigelow Grille.

"We chose him for his experience working in high-end, from-scratch kitchens," says Witt. "We wanted someone who had worked with raw ingredients."

Items on the menu change every two weeks, but offerings have included: steamed duck dumplings, goat-cheese fritters, charcuterie, herbed popcorn and a variety of tacos. One of Witt's favorites is the mushroom-and-goat-cheese ravioli; the pasta is made in house.

"I think that's just how food is supposed to be," says Witt. "Technology had gotten us away from that."

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