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Mia and the Magoo

A charming little adventure with lessons about girl power and ecology



Great together: friends and the outdoors
  • Great together: friends and the outdoors
Jacques-Rémy Girerd's animated film is the tale of a plucky girl on an odyssey to reunite with her widower father. He took a job far away at a site owned by Mr. Jekhide, a malevolent developer who's turning a paradise into a tourist trap. All of the elements are here for a feature-length Saturday-morning cartoon to edify the kids: We get lessons on girl power, woman power and the power of love and memory. It's a charming little adventure, emphasis on little: This isn't one of those animated films that provides many asides for the adults, except perhaps for its caveats on neglectful parenting and careerist greed. The message is strongly pro-environment, and the animation is traditional, with lush, painterly impressionistic backgrounds that offer more to look at than the movement itself. It also has an international flavor: The creators are French; Mia and her father seem to be Latin (his name is Pedro); and the English-language version has some faint accents, with voices by Matthew Modine, Whoopi Goldberg, James Woods and, as the gentle-giant monster Migoo, the inimitable Wallace Shawn. Starts Fri., June 24. Regent Square

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