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Matthew Barney: No Restraint



If you're already in the bag for the artist, sculptor and filmmaker Matthew Barney, you'll swoon for Alison Chernick's profile. There's plenty of face time with the charming (former fashion model) Barney, and ample behind-the-scenes footage of his most recent film, Drawing Restraint 9, which was shot aboard a Japanese whaling ship. In her 70-minute documentary, Chernick doesn't have much time for explicating Barney's wide range of artwork, or for placing it into any larger context. A few art-world so-and-so's drop by, but their comments are exclusively laudatory, even though Barney's oeuvre mystifies and irks others. Mostly, No Restraint plays out like a DVD extra for DR9: Fans of that film will undoubtedly find watching Barney and his collaborators (including Bjork) unite whaling, music, prosthetic limbs, Japanese myth and an incredible amount of petroleum jelly to be a fascinating hour. Also screening, two classic experimental videos: "Cadillac Ranch," by Ant Farm (16 min., 1975), and "Semiotics of the Kitchen," by Martha Rosler (6 min., 1975). Fri., March 23, through Sun., March 25. Melwood (AH)

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