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Made of Honor

Can a playboy win the girl by being her maid of honor?



It's bad enough that a lothario won't make a commitment to the girl he loves -- now he's agreed to be the maid of honor at her hastily arranged wedding to Mr. Perfect. Here, Patrick Dempsey plays the male fool to his lost lady-love Michelle Monaghan, and the middle section of Paul Weiland's romantic comedy actually finds some traction. Inserting a game guy into the wedding planning at least brings a fresh twist to tried-and-true turf like the bridal shower gone wrong and the wedding-rehearsal dinner from hell. Pretty scenery from the best parts of Manhattan and the Scottish Highlands doesn't hurt either. But the lovely lochs and all Dempsey's roguish charms can't save a last reel whose sheer idiocy makes fools of even chick-flick fans. Really -- why bother having Dempsey's character mature emotionally if it only takes falling off a horse to win back the bride? (AH) [capsule review]


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