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Lynn Cullen Live 02/20/13

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Guest: Chris Potter; Obit: Dr. Bruce Dixon, former director of the Health Dept.; money made out to the city being deposited at the Police Dept. credit union; Natalia Rudiak kicked off her campaign; inquiry about insider trading before the Heinz deal, made national news a week before it made local news; NY Daily News reporter made up Friend of Hamas comment about Hagel, right-wingers took it for truth & ran with it; sequestration -- is this just another fiscal cliff?; the biggest threat to this country is the Republican party; 13 governors screwing the uninsured ( including ours ); Corbett's budget is falling apart; people who identify as conservative are more fearful; Columbia's quantum mechanics professor's striptease lecture; gas drilling to begin at Pgh Int'l Airport; Pistorius thought there was a burglar in his bathroom; Callers: Ed, Trafford / Unknowns.

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