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Little Fockers

Another (unwelcome) visit with the extended Focker clan



Child projectile vomiting? Check. Inappropriate boner joke? Check. Ben Stiller looking comically pained, Owen Wilson doing his benevolent surfer shtick? Check, check. Formerly great actor Robert DeNiro slumming on another payday? Cash that check, baby! This third iteration of the squabbling extended Focker clan isn't half as funny as Meet the Fockers (2004), which was a mere pale imitation of 2000's Meet the Parents. There's nothing new to see here: Paul Weitz's film barely ekes out a fresh premise wherein Stiller's nervous-nellie nurse character is freshly emboldened and get the psychological upper hand on his hard-ass, control-freak father-in-law. Before, of course, resolving their differences like real men -- a punch-out in a bouncy castle.

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