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Life as We Know It

What could be more hilarious – or romantic – than inheriting a baby? 



Just because the premise is tragic doesn't absolve it from being idiotic: A mismatched couple wind up raising their dead friends' baby in this rom-com from Greg Berlanti. (Believe this: The parents never even informed the two that they were the child's appointed guardians.) Katherine Heigl is the control-freak new mommy, and Josh Duhamel plays the man-boy who's into sports. What few laughs this film supplies are early on, when the two clash or cycle through the predictable befuddlements of baby-managing. Then comes the long dry spell when the two (who have, of course, secretly fallen in love) miscommunicate, break up, pine and finally reunite. Heigl and Duhamel are both easy on the eyes (as are the triplets that play the baby) and have a nice comic chemistry. But it's not enough to raise this dumb idea up. Can't a rom-com just be two people who meet?

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