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Letters To The Editor: April 4 - 11


Big fat lie

In "Lard to Believe" [March 22], CP devotes substantial space to helping Sally Fallon and the Weston A. Price Foundation in their attempt to convert us back to a diet rich in animal fats. It is regrettable that readers were not offered a better balance of the arguments involved.

As regards Fallon's criticism of veganism for example, my own experience has proved her to be totally wrong. I came across the Foundation's Web site several years ago, and its anti-vegan propaganda scared me into spending weeks researching enough sound evidence to assure me that I was not killing my two young children by raising them vegan.

According to Fallon, they should be nutrient-deprived, flaky-boned specters with low IQs by now, having been "deprived" of dairy and meat their entire lives. I can confirm however that they are extremely healthy, active and doing well in school. And this deficiency-free experience is the rule rather than the exception among vegan children, which somewhat debunks the "essential animal fats" claim.

Consider this: What can possibly be "natural" about drinking milk intended for the young of another species? It is neither ethical nor logical to tear a two-day-old calf from his mother and send him to a veal crate so that humans can consume milk intended to meet the growth needs of a several-hundred-pound animal. Yet as more people realize this and free themselves of the allergies and gastric problems so common with dairy consumption (did someone say "LactAid" ...?), I'm sure there will be increasing pressure from Fallon et al.

For an alternative view of this issue however, check out the series of articles at: www.vegsource.com/articles2/fuhrman_dietary_myths.htm. A detailed critique of Fallon's anti-soy claims can be found at: http://foodrevolution.org/what_about_soy.htmfoodrevolution.org/what_about_soy.htm

-- Rebecca Reid, Manchester

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