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Legs Like Tree Trunks walk on into 2014

"I'm happy that the AV Club recognizes that we have a shitty band name. They definitely increased traffic to our Facebook and Twitter pages quite a bit."


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It's been a banner year for Legs Like Tree Trunks. The local indie band (which has members who live in Philadelphia as well) has toured, prepped for the upcoming package reissue of its first two EPs via the Ageless Curse label, and received a dubious distinction on an Onion AV Club year-end list. We talked with guitarist and singer Matt Holden while the band was out on a two-week tour of the eastern U.S.

This is your longest tour thus far. How have things been going?

A lot of the places we're going are places we haven't been; those shows will always be smaller, but we've definitely noticed the hospitality of people down here in the South. People are really nice, cooking for us, buying us pizza or beer, letting us crash at their places.

You've been talking with labels about releasing an LP next year but it seems like none of that is set in stone yet. What's the status of the record?

We have the majority of it done, we still have to do some vocals and some overdubs. We'll probably spend a week in Philly, in the studio there, but we have to figure out the label stuff before we can fund that last tracking week, and the mixing and mastering.

What do you want to get out of a label relationship?

There are a few things a label can provide; obviously, money is one of those things. Resources is another: distribution channels, exisiting relationships between labels and different media outlets, booking agents. But we want to be working with people who understand what we're trying to do, an artist-friendly label.

Your homecoming show at Stage AE is doubling as a release show for the reissue of the two EPs. It also seems like you're bridging the gap between older and younger bands with the bill.

We want to play shows with people we like. We also want a diverse crowd to come to our shows. People who come to see Shockwave Riderz may not have heard Legs, or heard Gotobeds or Nevada Color. And vice versa for all those bands; they're all bringing unique people. Pittsburgh has disparate music scenes and crowds. I think it's really fun to play with bringing those people [together] and bridging that gap.

We can't let you go without asking how you feel about having been named to the AV Club's Worst Band Names list for 2013.

Well, we do have a pretty shitty band name! It was something my dad said when I was in high school, about a rugby player on TV, and at the time I'd been making music by myself and I put it out under that name. In college, I made some tracks and used the same name, and that grew into this band, so we just kept it. I don't know; I'm happy that the AV Club recognizes that we have a shitty band name. They definitely increased traffic to our Facebook and Twitter pages quite a bit.

Sometimes a bad band name can draw you in — then you realize the band is good.

Diarrhea Planet is doing pretty well. And they definitely have a worse band name than us.


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