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I, Origins

This thriller asks: What if an eyeball held deep secrets about life?


I, Origin Film, thriller

You've waited for it, and here it is: a biometric, metaphysical, faith-vs.-fact thriller starring eyeballs! Plus, Michael Pitt — who portrays a molecular biologist obsessed with the evolution of the eyeball. He's also obsessed with Sofi (Astrid Bergès-Frisbey), a free-spirited exotique with great eyeballs. He's less obsessed with his lab partner (Brit Marling), but she might be obsessed with him. A few life jolts later, and Dr. Eyeball is confronting some very peculiar unexplained stuff about eyeballs: What if you had a spiritual experience that made you question your scientific beliefs? (Well, what if you saw a movie that made very little real-life sense but was still kinda fun?) Mike Cahill (Another Earth) treats the film's potentially heady subject matters fairly lightly, but that's to be expected in a movie about pretty people's eyeballs.

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