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God Grew Tired Of Us



Christopher Quinn's straightforward documentary follows the latter-day journeys of three survivors, young men who were once among the tens of thousands of orphaned Sudanese "Lost Boys," before they were granted new lives in the U.S. For men who have known nothing but privation, it's an unimaginable trip -- from navigating the shrink-wrapped airplane food to using an alarm clock to comprehending the bounty at an American supermarket. But as Quinn keeps tabs on the men over five years, we also watch them adjust. The mechanics of American life come in time, even such curious pursuits as ice-skating; what's more difficult is sorting out their good fortune with the knowledge of what's left undone in their homeland. But their spirit remains indomitable, and their struggles should give us all pause. Nicole Kidman narrates, though Quinn wisely leaves the three to tell their own stories of rejuvenation. Starts Fri., Feb. 9. Regent Square (AH)


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