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Fool's Gold

It's sun, but not much fun, in this Caribbean comedy caper.



It's not enough that a pair of beautiful sniping exes -- Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson -- are searching for lost Spanish treasure in the Bahamas. No, this breathlessly scripted sunny turd has to toss in subplots involving a Diddy-esque rap impresario and his goons; a dim-bulb teen party girl (a la Paris Hilton) and her elderly zillionaire father (Donald Sutherland, cashing a check and getting a tan); and four extraneous "colorful" characters, including two gay chefs, a salty treasure bum and a stray Ukrainian. Andrew Tennant's comedy-romance-adventure fails to deliver any facet of its hybrid genre, and just spins its wheels for two hours. (The film's best joke doesn't even get a proper airing: You have to look quick to see that the treasure-hunting boat is named Booty Calls.) Thus, the film's chief attractions are the pretty Caribbean scenery, and the well-sculpted, sun-burnished form of Mr. McConaughey, who spends nearly the whole film in board shorts while running, swimming, jumping, falling and flexing. If that's worth eight bucks to you, then come on board. (AH) [capsule review]


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