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Food Network’s ‘Ginormous Food’ show visits three Pittsburgh eateries

Host Josh Denny will eat — a lot — at Emporio, Primanti Bros. and Bakn



This week, three Pittsburgh-area restaurants will get their 15 minutes of fame.

Carnegie’s Bakn, Downtown’s Emporio and every Pittsburgher’s favorite sandwich spot, Primanti Bros., will be featured on the Food Network show Ginormous Food at 8 p.m. Fri., June 16.

In the show, comedian Josh Denny travels across America sampling a variety of dishes with one thing in common: They’re huge. Earlier repasts have included a 14-pound bagel topped with smoked salmon; a stack of chicken tenders with a tower of four fried-cheese sandwiches; and a 5-foot pizza.

At Emporio, Denny will try The Six Pack, a loaf of ciabatta bread filled with six large meatballs. Primanti’s will offer him an oversized version of the classic Primanti’s Pitts-Burger sandwich, usually consisting of a beef patty, tomatoes, lettuce, french fries and cole slaw, on white bread. 

And the chef at Bakn has created a new dish especially for the occasion. Inspired by the Bakn ’Cake Tacos (bacon-stuffed pancakes with cheese and eggs), chef Randy Tozzie created the Bakn Quake, a “taco” containing a pound of applewood-smoked bacon, a pound of peppered-bacon strips, 12 eggs and a pound of cheddar cheese. The taco shell is an 18-inch pancake made with another pound of bacon in the batter. 

The Carnegie restaurant will host a viewing party the night of the premiere that will include special prices and dishes just for the occasion.

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