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Forest Whitaker directs this romantic comedy about the President's daughter, Sam (Katie Holmes), who tries to attend college like any other normal gal. Apple-cheeked Holmes is a cutie pie, but not much can save this muddled tale of female independence vs. daddy love vs. the re-election. Sam starts out like good girl Chelsea Clinton, but under the tutelage of her sassy roommate she's soon table-dancing like a Bush twin. Part of the film wants our sympathy (it must be brutal to be 18 and stitched to Secret Service), but it too quickly squanders any emotional gains in silliness and a truly lame romantic sub-plot. In all, First Daughter feels utterly disconnected from the real world of today's teens, and never more so when the big romantic moment is scored with an easy-listening version of "The Way You Look Tonight," harmonized by a military chorus.

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