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If you loved Final Destination 1 and 2, you'll dig this: It's exactly the same but with different unknown young actors (to be expected, since the death count in the first two films was "everybody"). Same premise: If you have an ominous premonition and disembark from some mode of transportation -- plane, SUV, or in this case, roller coaster -- thereby saving yourself and a few friends from a subsequent demise, Death will hunt you down. Expect to die bizarrely and gruesomely. James Wong, who directed and co-wrote the first FD, returns to the helm, steering us and the hapless teens through several icky deaths (tanning bed, nail gun). The series' best gimmick is how easily it co-opts paranoia and it lets us "see" danger in the most benign situations, such as a leaky water fountain; its worst aspect, besides the lack of a fresh story, is its gleeful gore. (AH)

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