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Life in Antarctica and music videos feature in this monthly series of local short films



The monthly series for local and independent artists is highlighted by "On Being Polar," Keith Reimink's short about the making of No Horizon Anymore, his award-winning feature-length documentary about life among researchers stationed in Antarctica. The Pittsburgh-based filmmaker's 2008-09 trip to the bottom of the world yielded footage of everything from the aurora lights to people working off cabin fever. Reimink also screens three music videos, two for art-rock band Ghost Heart and one for metal outfit Under Everything. The April 14 screening also includes "With Something to Share," a dramatic short by Hatem Hassan and Paul Welle. And Kyle Rawlinson and Elias Kurlfink tag-team-directed the two halves of "The Casket and Body," a short drama set at a viewing that takes a dark comic twist.

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