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Edward Bursch's "Re-Boot"
  • Edward Bursch's "Re-Boot"

Two years ago, Edward Bursch visited Film Kitchen with "Son of Richard," a short comedy about a slacker. Resemblances to the work of filmmaker Wes Anderson might have been more than coincidental: Bursch, then a senior at Ithaca College (N.Y.), had recently interned on Anderson films The Darjeeling Limited and Fantastic Mr. Fox. On March 8, Bursch returns to Film Kitchen with a new comedy and a burnished resume: He's now living in New York City and working as Anderson's executive assistant. (They're currently preparing for the recently announced feature Moon Rise Kingdom.) But Bursch's new Film Kitchen offerings, the paired shorts "Anti-Matter" and "Re-Boot," are locally linked: Both were shot last year in Bursch's hometown of Latrobe, and star his longtime friends Tim McMichael and Will Sterbenz. In these purported "lost films," McMichael plays a clueless college student in an unhealthy relationship with his personal computer, while Sterbenz (who co-wrote the script) competes with the talking PC for his friend's attention. The project developed while the three friends were hanging out, and "just comes from our sense of humor," says Bursch, 24. "Just really stupidity was the biggest inspiration," he adds, referring to the "Tim" character's attempt to create a PowerPoint presentation on anti-matter, which he explains about as well as a poorly informed first-grader. The shorts are introduced by musician Andrew W.K.; the filmmakers' post-ironic sensibility is leavened by an affection for their beknighted characters, and complemented by the loopy, wall-to-wall electronic soundtrack, composed by Kevin Brodmerkel. The March 8 Film Kitchen, curated by Matthew Day, also showcases three short experimental works by Michele A. Senko and "A Bitter Lullaby," a 23-minute psychological thriller by Lakeeba Coleman. All three filmmakers will attend the screening.


Film Kitchen 8 p.m. Tue., March 8 (7 p.m. reception). Melwood Screening Room, 477 Melwood Ave., N. Oakland. $5. 412-681-9500

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