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EQT Three Rivers Regatta Pittsburgh 

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Photos are by Stephen Caruso
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Pittsburgher Susan Pegher sits with her 3-year-old son, Donovan, before venturing onto the waters of the Allegheny. She’s participating in the race to earn points in GISHWHES, or the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.
Lincoln Loveland, age 2, calls after his father, “Dadda, don’t sink!”
Stephanie Georg, front, and Brianne Cassidy, rear, warm up for the race ahead.
Gracefulness went out the window for many participants as they simply tried to prevent a sinking.
Luke Mulholler, Jason Mangus and John Durfee, or “the Bridge Boys,” built their boat as a mock-up of the Roberto Clemente Bridge. “We’re making the Pittsburgh river police earn their money today,” Mulholler joked.
While some boats managed to survive launching …
... others sent their crews straight into the river.
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Sinking victims included Pegher.
“The Bridge Boys” paddle up river after the superstructure of their ship collapsed around them.
Participants wait for the starting signal.
The race wasn’t held last year due to rough waters around the Point.
Eventual winners “El Mina” race ahead of the pack.
They left other boats struggling to simply navigate.
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At one point, Durfee climbed onto shore with a rope ...
... and began to pull his boat through the race while his teammates stayed on board.
Just reaching the finish line was enough of an accomplishment for most of the teams.
Cassidy raises an “oar” in triumph upon reaching the finish line. Their boat, made entirely of plastic, was jokingly named “least green.”
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Some more high-tech water attractions were also taking place.
Sugar and Spice Ice Cream served customers from a boat docked along the North Shore.
The F1 powerboat race contrasted the earlier race of homemade dinghies by tearing the air with their roaring engines.
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Some, however, only wanted a nice place to sleep at the Regatta.
Built for the Regatta, this sand sculpture showcased many characters from Pittsburgh’s history.
Gustav von Barkstrong, or “Gus” for short, is a 5-year-old Great Dane.
Logan Glock, 8, is lowered down after a successful climb at the Point.
The “Wheel of Lights” Ferris wheel was a highlight for many during the weekend’s activities
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