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Dirty Grandpa

Viewers are advised not to take this spring break trip with Zac Efron and Robert De Niro



When a man loses his wife after more than 40 years of marriage, he guilt-trips his lawyer grandson into accompanying him on a road trip to his second home, in South Florida, in this comedy from Dan Mazer. However, on the way down, the grandpa (Robert De Niro) convinces his grandson (Zac Efron) to take a booze-, drug- and debauchery-filled detour to Daytona Beach. First-time screenwriter John Phillip’s script has De Niro’s grandpa shedding his grieving-husband persona and transforming into a homophobic, racist, sex-crazed, bro-like creature. And for some reason, Efron’s uptight dude mostly goes along, undergoes some drastic changes to his own cushy, upper-crusty life in the process. The film’s attempt to make the audience laugh at penises — both actual and the drawn-on-face variety — fall totally flat, and viewers are left to awkwardly cringe at offensive jokes about gay people and minorities. The only real bright spot is Jason Mantzoukas’ portrayal of a lovable drug-dealer, his role providing a goofy and satirical take on spring-break culture.

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