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Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt take their brood on a lakefront vacation, where the gang enters a competition with another large family, headed by the hyper-successful Eugene Levy and his fourth wife, Carmen Electra. Excepting the fact that screening a summer holiday movie in the dead of winter feels wrong, Adam Shankman's Cheaper 2 is just what you'd expect: wiseacre kids, various pratfalls, silly dads reined in by common-sense wives and a disruptive dog. Not a lick of it's original (watch Martin make a mess of waterskiing, see the squabbling families rally 'round in the last reel), but if you're the sort who enjoys watching these 90-minute snapshots of wholly artificial families to reaffirm basic Hallmark moments, the whole gang is waiting for you at Lake Winnetka. (AH)

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