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Even barring the scenes of graphic violence, David DeFalco's slasher film is worthless. Its minimal plot featuring two teen-age girls being chased through the woods by cartoonish hillbillies has been depicted ad nauseum, and certainly with more flair than in this ham-fisted, artistically bereft version. But let's not discount Chaos' "money" scenes, in which the two girls are stripped, raped, tortured and killed. They are shocking not in their originality, but in the juvenile, smirky way they're presented. Having to watch a bound, naked shrieking girl have a knife shoved into her anus, then cut through to her vagina while her tormentors giggle presumes a complicit understanding between the filmmaker and viewers that this is entertainment. There's an audience for this, and DeFalco is happy to pander to it without a lick of pretense. I watched it so you don't have to -- unless laughing while a woman is force-fed her own severed nipple is your scene. (AH) No projectors

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